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A lesson from Piraeus

03.16.2017, Food, Philosophy, by .

When you’re out eating alone bring an ink pen and parchment. When you write at the table you’ll likely find that the house treats you better, as if you have more value than the typical dinner. By writing you become a content creator, even if what you write is crap. As long as the server sees the words grow on the page you will join the house as a producer, akin to people providing the experience. In the past if one took photos of the offerings, the establishment would believe you were a rival chef attempting to steel secrets or a food critic forming a review. Now of course, you’re instantly labeled a Facebook foodpornographer or a Yelping dog (I do like yelp, but….)

Doing the opposite, consuming content other than the food or “company” (cannibalism aside), like reading a book, or for heaven’s sake viewing the regurgitated garbage offered in the Facebook news feed, and your dining experience is bound to not be as good. Close your eyes, when you eat, people.

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