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The day before I was to leave for Mexico for my house sitting gig, the owner wrote me and said that his solar batteries have begun to not hold a charge but it’s had enough power to raise the water to the Tinaco, the container on the roof that gives pressure to the house. He believes that if he gets on the grid it will only cost him $7 a month for electricity, which is probably true. He eats mostly nuts, mangos and avocado so he doesn’t even plug his mini-fridge in. His father owns a gallery in town and that’s where he does most of his work and draws most of his power.

He lives in a poor area outside of gentrified San Miguel de Allende where about half of his neighbors don’t have electricity. To get on the grid he had to get permission from his uphill neighbor because a power line pole had to be planted on his property. He told me that switching from his perfectly fine solar panel to the grid SHOULD be done about the middle of my stay. That was a deal breaker for me. He is so far gone in mediation land that he thinks getting the main utility to his home installed is “a very SLIGHT problem” and now I’ve ruined his vacation plans. Had he told me a month ago I might have worked something out with him, he did offer to give me some money. His car was stollen and now he has a scooter that he keeps inside that he worries will be stollen when he leaves. The second floor of his house is dedicated to a pole table which he broadcasts to his neighbors with a wall of windows. It apparently is safe.

So now my plans have changed. I’m thinking about spending some time in Florida and painting on the East coast to grab what’s left of the Fall weather and then going home for the holidays. In January and February I think I’m going to stay in a Hostel in Mexico City. I feel bad that I’ve burned another bridge, but if my recent past is any indication, the more bridges I burn, the easier it is to find hospitable islands.

Dear Obama lovers… and haters of Obama for the wrong reasons; here is your chance to hate him for the right reason, though you’re most likely on his side. In 1 month he is going to violate the constitution’s war powers act of 1973 by continuing dropping bombs on ISIS and innocent bystanders. Obama needs congress to vote to engage in a war, or “hostilities” past an emergency 90 day period. Obama lovers, the evil little idiot bastard puppet George Bush did not even violate this constitutional mandate, though he did try.

I lost faith in Obama when he went back on his word during his first election and took the cash for commercials and billboards. But at least with Bush and Palin we knew what we were getting. With his flying robots and this new war, Obama, has now become a worse president than Bush. That drops my jaw.

In the movie, The Unbelievers, Richard Dawkins explain that there was no “first person”, in a discussion with the evolutionary ignorant arch bishop of Australia. Richard compared the belief that there was no first person to the idea of being old. He said that you don’t go to bed middle aged and then wake up old and so evolution is the same way, a gradual and imperceptible process. Richard insulted the chairman of the debate by stating that he was a philosopher and felt it was his rule to clarify things and therefor that meant obscuring things. I feel as though I’m a philosopher of sorts and do so love the findings of science and will take pleasure in moderating from behind my computer. Science involves experimentation, something that evolutionary biology lacks a great deal of because of the vast time required. ((some muddling) The “Co-star” Lawrence Krauss mentioned that science violates common sense by referencing that an electron can be in two places at the same time. The double slit is an interesting experiment used to come to that conclusion, an experiment which I’ve believe the results have probably been misinterpreted.)

At any rate, when I try to explain why evolution is true to people that believe the world was made in 7 days, I bring up ring species, one of the best experimental ways to prove evolution. A brief explanation is by using the Greenish Warbler, a bird that has several groups living around the Himalayas. Group A can reproduce with group B and group B can reproduce with group C, but group A and C can not reproduce. The experiment would be to kill group B, thus creating 2 seperate spieces. It’s an experiment that I hope only happens in the mind of biologists.

So Mr. Dawkins, with my mind experiment in hand and some sci-fi time travel, if we go back in time there will be a great great grand parent of ours that is genetically dissimilar to us that if we took one of our good breeders they would not be able to have a time travel baby that would survive to bread. At some point there was a single person that was born on the plans of Africa that if they were time warped forward to 2014 would be able to bread with the current population and have babies healthy enough to reproduce themselves. That would be the first human being, fuzzy around the edges for sure, but the first human non the less. Ha, I love thinking my way around that arrogant prick.

From “Why does the World Exist?: An Existential detective story.”

“Also, the laws amount to a funny way of saying, ‘Nothing equals something” Updike said, bursting into laughter. “QED! One opinion I’ve encountered is that, since getting from nothing to something involves time, and time didn’t exist before there was something, the whole question is a meaningless one that we should stop asking ourselves. It’s beyond our intellectual limits as a species. Put yourself into the position of a dog. A dog is responsive, shows intuition, looks at us with eyes behind which there is intelligence of a sort, and yet a dog must not understand most of the things it sees people doing. It must have no idea how they invented, say, the internal-combustion engine. So maybe what we need to do is imagine that we’re dogs and that there are realms that go beyond our understanding. I’m not sure I buy that view, but it is a way of saying that the mystery of being is a permanent mystery. – John Updike